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What People Are Saying About Read My Hips:

“(Brittingham’s) path to self-acceptance will make you cheer.” – People Magazine

“With engaging, well-written prose, (Brittingham) encourages readers to live full and healthy lives, regardless of their weight…Brittingham’s style is lively, and her message is powerful.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Every woman who’s ever wasted a moment…fretting over how she looks in a swimsuit should do herself a favor and read Philly native Kim Brittingham’s new and hilarious memoir, Read My Hips…” – Philadelphia magazine

“…witty and uplifting…”InJersey Magazine

“Kim Brittingham is a brilliant writer.  Her story will touch the lives of every woman, young or old who has been sandbagged by the media’s pressure of thin is beautiful and fat is gross…(Read My Hips) is orchestrated with humor, candidness, and a renewed spirit of self-acceptance.” – Janice Tatarka, Women’s Memoirs

“(Read My Hips) literally had me laughing out loud and/or grinning more often than not. Kim writes her experiences in a fresh and bold way, not shocking, and you just want to give her a hug or a high five at times.” – Jennifer Rowe, Fat and Not Afraid

“You will want to read everything that Kim has to say about food, dieting, body image and self-confidence, and come away feeling that here is a woman who not only understands your feelings and experiences but can verbalize them as few others can. Bravo, and thanks so much, Kim!” – Joan Kirschner, blogger at SonsiLiving

“If you have ever looked at your body and felt bad about it, read this book. If you think your body needs to be improved, read this book. And if you are holding off from doing anything- buying lingerie to wear for your husband or being in more pictures with your children – please, read this book. This book changed my life.” – Nikki W., blogger at Sanctimomius

“There are times you will cry…there are times you’ll be shocked…there are times you will take notes and try things for yourself….(Read My Hips is) an interesting mix of life experience and lessons gleaned and shared from the heart. The strength that it took to go through some of those experience and then to share them with the world in such a frank manner….if we were holding votes for world’s strongest woman, (Brittingham would) have to be amongst the contestants.” – Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

“(Kim Brittingham’s) humor, candor and irreverence carried me page-by-page through her riveting account of growing up “fat” and perpetually pursuing the perfect body…” – Atchka Fatty of Fierce Freethinking Fatties

“(Read My Hips is) beautifully written, thought-provoking, heart-breaking, and laugh-out-loud funny…” – Happy Eaters blog

(Read My Hips is) an engaging, strong argument for fat-positivity with (Brittingham’s) humorous and honest personal anecdotes.” – Claire S. Gould, Persephone Magazine

“With all of the negative press these days about the ‘truthiness’ and lax fact checking of memoirs, the authenticity of Read My Hips is refreshing and satisfying.  Written with humor, poignancy, and indisputable accuracy, Ms. Brittingham gives the reader permission and valid reasons for ditching dieting and learning to love her or his body – HIPS and ALL!!” – Dr. Deah Schwartz

“Kim (Brittingham) is funny and has a really friendly tone that I loved. (Read My Hips) felt like I was talking about growing up and feeling fat and learning to love myself with a friend who knew what I was talking about…Someone you can trade stories with.” — Live Once, Juicy at BlogHer

Some Reader Comments:

I just finished reading your book “Read My Hips” and i have to say it’s the best book i have ever read…I think it saved my life.  I’ve started to accept myself for myself and stopped with all the hiding and the to big clothes. So thank you, i know you probably get that a lot, but i want you to know that i really, really mean it.  – H.

I just wanted to let you know that I read your book, and it made such a difference in my life…So, thank you, for helping me get reacquainted with myself. :)   — N.

…From the first few pages of Read My Hips, I was hooked…In the week or so since I devoured every luscious bite of your book, I’ve caught myself dressing with arms exposed (the horror!), walking down the street freely without cringing over imagined catcalls, and all-around feeling better about the way I look and the person I am in my core!  Kim, you rock! And so does your cause.  — S.

Oh, Kim. I just finished reading Read My Hips, and I had to write to you immediately. I want to thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s powerful, poignant, and so very near to my own story…I am a life coach, specializing in helping women heal their body image and food issues. I know my clients are going to love your book – I look forward to recommending it with wild abandon! — J.

As one of the relatively thin women who has struggled with weight all my life, I want to thank you for your wonderful, refreshing book.  It’s helped me be more accepting of the extra few pounds I’ve lost and gained many times.  I’m excited to share your book with several of my clients who struggle with weight issues.  These women so need the self-affirming message you present.  — E., Clinical Psychologist

Thank you for taking the time and energy to write such a wonderful book.  I believe not just overweight people should read it, others could learn from it as well.  You are a true hero!  — K.

I couldn’t put my iPad down!  I so thoroughly enjoyed each chapter.  I’m ten years older than you but your childhood sounds oh so familiar to my own- almost spooky.  I work as a school counselor and hope to use your positive ideas with my students…Thank you for a wonderful and long overdue book. — S.

BRAVO!!!  I loved your book.  Couldn’t put it down.  Superb writing…I  would love this book to be a must reading in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in every middle school in the world.  But, wait, why stop there – probably starting in 3rd grade now for girls.  As a former middle school Principal, every young girl needs to have this on her bookshelf instead of reading about Cinderella! — A.

I’m on my lunch at work.  Just finished your book.  Loved it.  Thank you for your honesty and humor.  — E.

I just finished reading your book in 2 days. I could not stop…Your writing really made me smile.  I’m looking forward to your next book! – L.

I just finished your book and I loved it. I am a gay man living in NYC and, like you, much of my life has been devoted to my obsession with my weight…I felt like I had considered my weight “situation” from every possible angle, but your book has provided me real food for thought. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Your book left me feeling less lonely and considerably more hopeful. — J.

I just finished reading your book – in one sitting.  I watched your video on “Have a Bawl ” too!  You are terrific…Sure, I want to lose weight, but I know I am okay and will be okay, no matter what my shape and size.  Your book helped me see that even more clearly…Thanks, Kim.  I will follow what you write with interest.  I have never written a letter like this before but what you have written has helped and I wanted you to know. — S.

I just finished reading your book and appreciated it so much!  Not only did it speak to me as a woman who is overweight, but it spoke to me in my effort to quit smoking!  Can you believe that?…Thanks again for your wonderful book! I will never look at a fat person again and make judgements about them. — L.

Just read your book and was waving back the whole time! When I look at the height weight charts I am always amazed to see that I am categorized as obese. I cross country ski ( skate ski yet) and leave many thin friends in my dust once I get in shape by the end of the season…Your book was incredibly freeing for me. My new year’s resolution this year was not to diet….Thank you for being a voice of sanity amongst so many crazies! – D.

Thank you for “Read My Hips!”  This is by far, one of the best books I have ever read.  I borrowed it from the library, but am planning to buy a copy of my own because I know it’s a book I’ll come back to time and again…What a breath of fresh air!  Your book has been a life changer and because it’s done so much for me, I just had to thank you for writing it. — A.

I just read your book, and I LOVE IT…Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. It was intelligiently written, funny and genuine. It really made me re-think the whole fat acceptance movement.  — B.

I felt compelled to write to you and let you know how incredible and engaging I found your book, how I couldn’t put it down, and how I truly believe that the world would be a better place if people would open their minds and read what you’ve written…I’m passing your book on to my mom next…Again, thanks.  This book is a real achievement. — K.

I’m a teacher. I’ve never written to an author before. Take that as a compliment….I really, really loved reading your book. I know I’m only one person but I know plenty of people were impacted…I believe that we, as women, need writers like you. — F.

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