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READ MY HIPS: How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting, and Live Large (Three Rivers Press, on sale May 3, 2011)

is an unflinching, humorous, and uplifting memoir about food, love, body image, and living life to the absolute fullest, no matter what your jeans size. The author is a champion of positive body image, a supporter of the HAES (Health at Every Size) movement, and maintains an anti-diet stance.

In an interview, author Kim Brittingham can discuss how she learned to:

Ditch Dieting

– Why she is anti-diet, but pro-health and wellness — and why dieting is the worst thing you can do to your body.

– How dieting offers the “illusion of progress”. As long as women feel they can control what they eat, they feel powerful and forward-moving. But actually,  by obsessing over our weight and our attempts to create the perfect body, we’re shaving years off our lives, by putting off activities and pursuits until “thinness”.

– Her experience working at a national weight loss center chain which put profit ahead of health and encouraged clients to put off living their dreams until they got thin.

– How she learned to appreciate fruits and vegetables after a friend introduced her to a delicious “gateway” vegetable, acorn squash.  It was the perfect buffer between a lifelong diet of candy bars, snack cakes and ice cream and the new world of fresh produce.

– Her experiences with the plus size clothing industry which often shames and disrespects their target customers, by refusing to show their product on size-appropriate models and foregoing quality details.  While working at a glossy fashion magazine for plus sizes, she discovered that some advertisers did not want to be affiliated with fat women.  The cosmetic company Shiseido refused to advertise in the magazine because they didn’t want fat women being seen at their cosmetic counters.

Love Her Body

– How photographing herself in her underwear in the privacy of her apartment helped her to learn to love and appreciate her body.

– How a story about Marilyn Monroe’s ability to attract attention in disguise just by altering her walk inspired her to do a similar experiment on the streets of Philadelphia.  Kim learned that the way a woman carries herself makes all the difference in the way she’s perceived by others – regardless of her weight.

– Why keeping your “skinny jeans” in the back of the closet is actually hurting you.  It’s a punishing reminder that where you are today is not “good enough”.  It preys upon your self-esteem and makes you more likely to overeat.  You’re better off filling your closet with beautiful, comfortable clothes that fit you NOW.

– How she stopped hating the fat on her upper arms when her grandmother was dying, because she realized how much her own arms reminded her of her grandmother’s.  It then became impossible to hate something that she was capable of loving so much on her grandmother’s body.

Live Large

– What she learned about prejudice by creating a fake book titled FAT IS CONTAGIOUS: How Sitting Next to a Fat Person Can Make YOU Fat, and then carrying it openly on the buses of New York City.

– How she decided not to limit her experiences by worrying about what negative thoughts about her body might be going on in somebody else’s private mind.  Now she is free to enjoy the beach and the ocean water in a bathing suit without hiding in a t-shirt, towel or mesh poncho.

To schedule an interview with Kim Brittingham, please contact

Catherine Cullen, 212-782-9634


e-mail:  ccullen    at    randomhouse   DOTCOM

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