Plus Size Winter Boots: Wide Widths for Wild Weather

I wear wide width footwear for two reasons.  First, when I was a little girl, I used to walk up on my toes.  As if I was wearing invisible high-heeled shoes.  Nobody really understood why, but from the time I learned to walk, I was compelled to keep my heels completely off the ground.  If my mother caught me walking on my toes, she’d march behind me, chanting, “Heel, toe!  Heel, toe!  Heel, toe!”

It wasn’t until I was in junior high school that I made a real effort to change my walk, out of self-consciousness.  But by then, the damage was done.  My mother never had an easy time finding shoes to fit me.  As a result of my pseudo-ballerina walk, my developing foot bones spread.  I was cursed to wide footdom for all eternity.

I gained weight in adulthood, and that added an element of fleshiness to my foot.  No bony toes and ankles here.  I’m 100% cherubic.

The latter reason is why a lot of women who wear plus sizes also look for wide width shoes.  Sometimes a gal just needs a little extra room for that deliciously touchable foot.

As if finding attractive, comfortable wide shoes isn’t hard enough, finding specialty footwear in wide widths is even more difficult.  In particular, I’m always on the lookout for great winter boots that fit right and resist the worst weather.

I was thrilled when Propet let me test drive some of their wide width winter footwear — and now I can finally report that I have two pairs of winter boots that I LOVE.  I’d certainly searched long enough!

Ladies of the wide foot, I highly recommend Propet’s comfy casual Vail and the Seville for more elegant stepping out.

Vail by Propet

The Vail boot is great for scooting about in the snow on your wide or chubby feet.  Not only does it give excellent traction in slick slush and snow, but it’s snuggly warm, and it’s CUTE!

Best of all, though, it comes in widths up to a generous EE (or WW).  For the first time in my life, I’ve got snow boots I can wiggle my toes in.  No rubbing, no blisters.  What a sense of freedom!

Here’s some of what you’ll like about the Propet Vail:

– Made from supple suede treated with Scotchgard to be water and stain resistant

– Soft pile lining

– Cushioned insole that’s backed with a heat-retaining foil liner

– Super-sturdy internal/external heel counter keeps your heel protected

– Cuddly plaid polar fleece boot collar

– Inside zipper for easy slip-on/slip-off

– Outsole designed for traction and shock absorption

– Dual insole system allows for maximum customization and individualized comfort

– Adorable decorative buckle detailing

– Comes in three colors

One word of caution to plus size gals: I know how important a wide boot shaft is for thicker calves.  When my Vail boots were brand-spanking-new out of the box, they were a little stiff and crisp.  As a result, I had to scrunch the boots down an inch or so on my calf to make them fit.  However, after two wearings, I found that the suede and the zipper were relaxed enough that the boots fit my calves quite comfortably.  And I have thicker calves than most.

Seville by Propet

What I like best about the Seville boot from Propet is that it functions as a hearty snow boot, but it transitions elegantly to indoor wear.  There’s no need to change from your “commuting boots” into your decent work shoes when you get to the office.  And likewise, if you’re going out in the evening — say, for cocktails, dinner, or both — you can step easily from the wintry outdoors and inside without sacrificing style.

Like the Vail boot described above, the Seville comes in widths up to a generous EE (or WW).  For me, it’s a miracle of roominess.  Not only does the Seville fit my foot perfectly without crowding or pinching, but it doesn’t have the boxy “Frankenstein” look of so many wide-width shoes and boots.  The Seville is cleverly styled to look sleek and shapely, even on the squarest, most Fred Flintstoney of feet — like mine!

Here’s some of what you’ll like about the Propet Seville:

– Made from supple leather with water/stain resistant suede style lines

– Warm, dry Nylex lining

– Cushioned insole that’s backed with a heat retaining liner

– Super-sturdy internal/external heel counter keeps your heel protected, plus a fiberglass shank for added rigidity

– 2-inch heel gives height, while still maintaining stability on slippery pavement

– Inside zipper for easy slip-on/slip-off

– Outsole designed for cushioned comfort and traction

– Comes in black or brown leather

Now the Vail and Seville just happen to be my two favorite pairs of Propet winter boots in wide widths.  But there are many more styles to choose from.  Visit for more information and options.

Just because you need a little more room for your feet than most doesn’t mean you should settle for cheaply-made, ill-fitting, ugly boots.  You can brave the winter weather in high style while keeping your feet well supported.

Thanks to Propet for a fine line of thoughtful footwear in a wide range of sizes.  When a company serves your needs well, they deserve your patronage!

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