Read My Hips Signed Books & Gifts for the Holidays

FYI, if you’re planning on giving copies of Read My Hipsfor the holidays and you want to make them extra-special, I will autograph them for free and write a personal inscription to the recipient — and I’ll even gift wrap them.  All for free.

I live in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  If you want to bring the books to me, I’ll be glad to sign and wrap them on the spot.

If you don’t live near me, mail the books to me with return postage and I’ll mail them back signed and wrapped.  Just take them to your post office and the clerk will help you box the books and put return postage right inside the package.

And if you want to make the gift extra, EXTRA special, get a Read My Hips gym bag, water bottle or fridge magnet to go with it!

Read My Hips has a lot to say to women and girls about media and societal pressure to achieve and maintain a certain type of physical body  — a body that often has nothing to do with health, strength, happiness or peace.

Read My Hips is a memoir, though — not a preachy how-to.  It’s a deliciously cozy read (if I may boldly say so myself) that will make you laugh and cry.  And if you’re anything like the many women & girls who’ve already read Read My Hips and sent me such wonderful e-mails, you’ll feel like we’ve been best friends for life — even if you’ve never met me.

To arrange a book signing/wrapping, send me an e-mail:  Hello     at     KimWrites dot com

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