Win Goodies from Amy’s Organic and Sahale Snacks

The Read My Hips Summer GiveaSway continues! Announcing the winners of a cozy new Slanket — the original blanket with sleeves! Congratulations to:

Sue S. from Mokena, IL
Andrea C. from McArthur, OH
Becky G. from Hesperia, CA

Last week I wrote about how I’ve turned to food for comfort, which hasn’t always served me well. But I think we make a big mistake when put ourselves under strict eating rules, whether it’s to force temporary fat loss, or to make us “eat better”.

I believe we mess ourselves up psychologically when, in the absence of medical conditions like diabetes, we restrict our food choices. Saying you can NEVER eat fudge again will probably make you obsess about (or at least overglorify) fudge. It might even make you cranky and resentful.

In my memoir Read My Hips: How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting and Live Large, I wrote about going on a diet with a national weight loss chain I called “Edie JeJeune”, which required one to eat only Edie JeJeune pre-packaged foods and fresh vegetables, day after day. Here’s part of what happened:

I was no longer an exemplary adherent to the Edie JeJeune weight loss program. About two months into it, I’d become uncontrollable around peanut butter and any food containing peanut butter. I was using my lunch hour to skedaddle across the parking lot to the supermarket, where I made a beeline for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups shaped like pumpkins (then later, Christmas trees, hearts, Easter eggs). I always bought two. I imagined justifying myself to the other customers in the express check-out line, “One for now, one for later.” Even thought I always ate them one after the other, quickly, in my office with the door closed.

Eating nothing but “Edie JeJeune” foods made me long for almost anything non-Edie — but especially foods that were considered “taboo” to dieters. Like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But even when I cheated on Edie and ate “forbidden” foods, I didn’t really enjoy it. Because of Edie, I stopped savoring treat foods. Instead, I inhaled them, barely tasting them.

At times when I was dieting, I got so frustrated that I fell off the wagon and binged for days on nothing but junk food. That cheated me nutritionally and otherwise. Way back before I ever considered dieting, I enjoyed good-for-you foods too, but dieting gave me a sense of deprivation for sugary, high-fat foods made me ignore those healthier foods completely, even forget how delicious they could be.

It’s like I wrote in Read My Hips:

I used to beat myself up for being such a failure, a repeat failure, unable to control myself. But in recent years I’ve read what dieting does to our minds and bodies, and there’s evidence that once we start consciously tinkering with our food intake in an effort to reduce our body size, our bodies pull out every weapon in their arsenals to prevent us from succeeding…Reducing our caloric intake can actually trigger a narrowing of focus in our minds, too, a survival mechanism that makes sure we obsess about food until we get enough of it.

All those years of trying to lose weight exacerbated my already-unhealthy relationship with food. I was an emotional eater from a young age. Dieting casts any even bigger spotlight on food…all those “forbidden” foods only made me want them more.

I’m a big believer in making room for all foods — a time and a place for everything.

So in that spirit, this week some lucky reader of Read My Hips: The Blog will win a chance to try some of my favorite foods — both meals and snacks!

One winner will receive:

Amy’s: maker of natural and organic convenience foods including frozen pizzas, entrees and snacks as well as Pasta Sauces, Beans, Chilis and Soups.

Five Free Product Coupons – good for any product Amy’s makes (retail value up to $10 each, $50 total) – plus a cute Amy’s Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote,

– From Sahale Snacks, maker of natural, gluten-free nut snacks, a sampler pack of Glazed Nuts ( 2 each 4 oz. bags), Nut Blends (3 each 2 oz. bags), Seasoned Nuts (3 each 1 oz. bags) with an approximate retail value of $25. If you love nuts, you’re going to looooove Sahale Snacks, one of my favorite 3 o’clock munchies! And…

– From Amy’s, maker of natural and organic convenience foods including frozen pizzas, entrees and snacks as well as pasta sauces, beans, chilis and soups: Five Free Product Coupons – good for any product Amy’s makes (retail value up to $10 each, $50 total) – plus a cute Amy’s Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote!

I love what Amy’s produces, and how they produce it. Every week at the supermarket I fill my cart with Amy’s organic foods, from frozen macaroni and cheese to pizza and hot cereals and desserts and more. Everything Amy’s makes is absolutely delicious and I always feel good about what I’m eating. (Don’t be afraid of it just because it’s so good for you — no cardboard-flavored “health foods” here!)

So, how can YOU win free goodies from Amy’s and Sahale Snacks?

Just send an e-mail to including:

– your name and mailing address, and
– write the phrase GOOD FOOD in the subject line of your e-mail.
– send the e-mail by midnight EST on Saturday, August 6, 2011.

Other things you should know:

– If you entered to win a different prize in the Read My Hips Summer GiveaSway, you can still enter to win this prize. Even if you were a winner before.
– I won’t share your e-mail or mailing address with anybody else.
– By entering, you agree to give me the right to use your first name and last initial on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and via e-mail to others.
– One winner will be selected at random.
– Winners will receive their prizes by mail within 30 days after winners are announced.
– I will announce the first names and last initials of the winners on my blog on Sunday, August 7, 2011, and winners will also be notified by e-mail.

Now remember, the Read My Hips Summer GiveaSway is eight glorious summer weeks of fun and prizes. Each week I’ll announce a new giveaway, right here on the blog! You’ll get to read all about my hijinks from Read My Hips, and you’ll learn how to enter to win the latest and greatest goodies!

So stay tuned to Read My Hips: The Blog all summer long. And meanwhile, keep those hips swaying, take deep and lusty breaths, strut your stuff, and always remain willing to get a little bit smarter every day. Oh — and read wonderful, eye-opening books!

Your friend the incurable beach bunny,

Good luck, everybody!


Kim Brittingham
Author of Read My Hips: How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting, and Live Large

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