READ MY HIPS Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

Nobody is more surprised than I am!

My book “Read My Hips: How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting and Live Large” is already available for pre-order on Amazon! Holy crap, who knew?!

I didn’t realize you’d be able to reserve your own copies quite so soon — but you can, and at a DISCOUNT! You can lock in a special introductory price of $11.20 by pre-ordering today! The official release date of “Read My Hips” is May 3, 2011, but I’m told on good authority that books will actually start shipping to book stores in April — so look for your Amazon shipment of “Read My Hips” this spring.

$11.20 is so cheap, you can afford to buy multiple copies, and I hope you will.

Hey, I’m not just saying that to put money in my pocket. I believe in what this book has to say. I think every girl and woman in the Western world should have a copy of “Read My Hips” for her very own, because every single one of you will recognize yourself in the pages of “Read My Hips”.

Yeah, I know — I’m a fat chick, and maybe you’re not. But hey, what makes you think “Read My Hips” is strictly for fatties?

Tell me — do you have hips? Yes? Then you need to “Read My Hips” — because trust me, my hips are your hips too.

“Read My Hips” isn’t just about dieting and bodies and how society shapes us. It’s about becoming smarter all the time. It’s about being WILLING to be smarter tomorrow than you are today — and feeling OK admitting what you didn’t know yesterday.

Reading “Read My Hips” is an investment, not just in your own health and happiness, but in the happiness of everyone whose lives you touch — because we’re all connected.

To read “Read My Hips” is to raise your hand and sign up for something other than hypnotic stupidity. It’s a vote for vitality. It’s winning one for the smart girls. It’s embracing the fullness of life — thoughts and feelings, reality and dreams. It’s cultivating respect for ourselves and for others. It’s about waking up and realizing life is so much richer, more colorful, even sexier, when you use your mind. It’s about strutting through life like the bombshell you are, side-by-side in the fellowship of goddesses.

Yep, you’ll start on the road to it all, just by reading my story — because my story is your story too.

Live a luscious life. Be curious. Ask questions. Change your mind. Look back. Move forward. Think
thoughts. Delve deeper. Love another. Start somewhere. Read my hips!

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