“I was convinced men preferred delicate violins to cellos…”

I recently received a beautifully written reader response, whose story I thought might resonate with many of you. I’m posting this one:

Dear Kim, 

This morning, I was directed to the “Fat is Sexier Than You Think” page of your website by a kind and caring (athletic/skinny!) lover who knows that although I’m closing in on age 50, I still have big-body issues. As a fellow writer and “chubby chick,” I was truly moved by your words and wanted to thank you for helping me see myself in a different light!
I would often describe my body shape as “a cello.” For most of my adult life, I was convinced that men preferred delicate violins to cellos almost as much as they preferred blonds. Then, much to my surprise, men would admonish me when I’d describe myself as “chunky” and say that I was “all woman,” “Rubenesque,” “voluptuous” and “curvy.” Sweet!
I adopted those terms — I now say I have “dangerous curves” or I’m “Rubenesque” from eating too many reubens — yet I never accepted my shape as being remotely attractive. I also hide my body under loose clothes and have been a miserable life-long dieting diva.
Between the poetic words from my lover’s lips — regarding how “delicious” he finds my “heavy bosom” and the “heft” of my body as I envelope him — and your wonderful story and website, I have gained new self-confidence and I’m actually starting to feel SEXY at my size! Woo-hoo, what a breakthrough!
I wish more men would openly (publicly) express their appreciation for our “softer” attributes, and that the world would be less critical of “women of size” like us. Why can’t people just embrace our curves (though not in a subway!)? Then, maybe someday, you and I would be free to walk arm-in-arm down the street, proudly strutting our sexy stuff in our own black mini skirts and t-shirts!
Keep up the great work, Kim — and thanks again for the big body boost!!!
Hugs & kisses,

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