All Fat Women Have Eating Disorders. It’s a Scientific Fact.

It seems like every other week we hear about yet another “study” centered around obesity.

So many of these studies are a complete waste of money, energy and resources.

Most do absolutely nothing to genuinely contribute to the health of humankind.

Most of them are so laden with ignorant prejudices that it’s impossible to take them seriously.

Far too many of them go to great lengths only to uncover the laughably obvious, leaving many of us to smirk, “Uh, yeah. I could’ve told them that.”

In these times, you’d think the captains of these studies would be less likely to flaunt such immodest screwing-around with other people’s money. Maybe the individuals or corporations who fund these goof sessions need to take a closer look at how their dollars are truly being spent. Wasteful spending in academia? Sure. Bet it happens every day. (Certainly I’m not the only one who remembers the first ten minutes of “Ghostbusters”.)

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that many of these studies, with their empty calories and urgent press release headlines warning the public of yet another possible danger of fatness, are funded by the weight loss industry.

So anyway, when recently contacted me and asked for my opinion, in 500 words or less, about the latest flimsy “scientific” study on overeating from Jennifer Temple at the University at Buffalo, I was happy to oblige.

At the very least, this one falls under the “wasteful” and “prejudicial” categories. Presuming from the outset that all fat women have eating disorders (and that all thin women do not), the study’s evidence should be thrown out with both the Baby Ruth and the bathwater.

Check out my opinion piece here. Thank you!

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