Keep “Girls Life” Magazine Far Away From Your Daughters.

Thanks to Elizabeth Patch for pointing me in the direction of this brilliantly crafted blog by hortense at, taking Girl’s Life Magazine to task for its sick-and-twisted messaging geared towards 10-15-year-old girls.  I urge you to read it – I couldn’t possibly have said it better.

If I had a daughter with a subscription to Girl’s Life, I would cancel it post-haste and send a stern letter to Karen Bokram, the magazine’s CEO/Publisher & Founding Editor, explaining exactly why I’d done so.

Ms. Bokram’s approved content for Girl’s Life encourages young girls to examine their still-developing bodies for perceived imperfections and flaws that might deem them unfit to romp on beaches in the carefree manner befitting adolescence and childhood.

Instead, impressionable readers of Girl’s Life are asking themselves whether or not they have their “best body” in order to be “bikini confident by summer”.

The Girl’s Life buck stops with Bokram, and she’s serving up unnecessary neuroses to children via a publication marketed specifically to them.  And considering her influential position in the media marketplace for girls aged 10-15, she must accept a share of the blame for this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and this…

…and THIS.

It comes as no surprise that the Girl’s Life web site is populated throughout by illustrations of girls with bodies like pipe cleaners:

And no, Ms. Bokram and staff, it is not enough to throw in the occasional article about boosting one’s self-esteem to counterbalance the damage.  That’s like offering free Avon products to the woman who’s child you just crushed under your Hummer.

Even more disturbing, perhaps, than the fact that publications like Girl’s Life are able to get away with such careless, irresponsible pseudo-mentoring, is this: Girl’s Life actually boasts being “the recipient of multiple Parents’ Choice Gold Awards”, “multiple The Parent’s Guide to Media Awards”, “The official magazine of choice for Girl Scouts of the USA”, and “The official book for Take Our Daughters to Work Day”.

The Parents’ Choice Gold Awards are issued by the Parents’ Choice Foundation, which claims its awards are “Designed to help parents and caregivers of all achievements and backgrounds make informed decisions about which new products are right for their children…the Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation’s oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children’s media.”

Don’t agree with their recognition of Girl’s Life?  Tell them so.

You might even be moved to contact the Girl Scouts of the USA and Take Our Daughters to Work Day to let them know how you feel about their recognition and support of Girl’s Life.


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